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    Even if it's impossible for him, he will never reveal it, and he doesn't want to cause trouble for Tan Nhan because of curiosity.

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    It's too late to withdraw money now. Within a radius of dozens of miles, with the rumble of artillery and the noise of killing, two infantry divisions and an artillery brigade of the 12th Army rushed from both wings. In just one hour, almost every battery of the army corps on both wings encountered the enemy, the phone in the headquarters rang continuously, the content was the same: Encountered an extremely violent attack by the enemy, requesting support! And their panic was not unreasonable, because they discovered that they had clicked into the dungeon of purgatory!

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    Finally, I don't forget to mention that they are two of the Three Great Talents as famous as Ye Lin.

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Whether I mention it or not, that's the problem."

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    As for the antidote, there is also the face of Xian Yunfeng, or the face of the Alien Martial Arts Department.

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    Qin Shuisheng was very optimistic about Qin deal with two people. Qin brothers.

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    "Actually, we are just entrusted by others, our purpose is not to target Qin Xian."

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    The clock struck nine thirty.

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    After paying attention, he felt much more comfortable.

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    "How else can I handle it? Since they're both thinking about real estate, they can only divide the real estate equally."

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    Da da, da da, da da!

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    “How can I say that the people in my Ye family deserve to be bullied?”

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    "I want it."

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    Zhong Wei frowned and said, "It's hard to say. The devil has two warships in port, ready to fire in support at any time. A battalion of the 29th Regiment tried to attack Lianyungang along the coast , but were bombarded by naval artillery. Even their enemies could not hold it by a hair, but they themselves sacrificed more than 140 people, the entire battalion was disabled, we do not have artillery that can threaten us. raping their warships, the devil's fortifications in Lianyungang are also incomparable for gun turrets. It is strong and reinforcements can come from the sea at any time... This battle is not easy to fight!

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    This rule was not defined by Gu Wu but was set by someone above.

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    If you're already here, I'll give you two choices.

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    Tham Tieu was beaten.

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    It's really impossible to hit, even if naval artillery fires at a horizontal angle, because the shells fly in a parabolic shape. At this distance, even if they fire, the shells can only fly behind the tanks. There let people see it like fireworks!

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    Because, above the divine realm, they don't even know what else is there.

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    The cavalry regiment ran into the defense line hastily arranged by the Japanese and puppet troops, the cavalry's weakness was quickly exposed, they had no way to advance quickly, they had no way to attack quickly, the only way was defense. But even though they dismounted and fought on land, their fighting power remained undiminished, defeating the Japanese and puppet troops. Japan had to send more troops here many times, completely ignoring the north.

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    Old Mrs. Shen was still a little worried.

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    The three 02 assault guns fired fiercely at a rate of ten rounds per minute while backing up, taking turns bombarding Japanese artillery positions, the point of impact being much more accurate than the assault guns. heavy shit of the Japanese army. Artillery shells flew past, and the Japanese artillery positions were in chaos. Another series of bullets was fired, a large cloud of smoke and flames rose, several Japanese soldiers bared their fangs and claws and flew into the air, obviously the ammunition truck had exploded. Under the rushing fire, more than a dozen tanks rushed towards this side with the sounds of exploding soy sauce, billowing black smoke, visible from afar — the Japanese army's fuel quality was truly one of a kind. problem.