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    He began to scan his soul with all his might. In his soul, the number of light sphere ideas was terrifying. The whole process took a lot of time and effort. Moreover, he was very fond of light sphere ideas. unsympathetic, extremely painful, but in the end Vuong Han also found a mysterious little guy. This little guy was like a small white grape that suddenly popped out from under a bunch of grapes, and in an instant it was empty. , but then filled with memories, also has its own unique color of light shadow thoughts.

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    "My eyes, ah, my eyes." Vuong Han shook his head, returned to the second floor, which was the floor where the remains were fixed on the wall. He jumped directly onto the giant sword. Walking along the giant sword, I went to the place where this monster was about to eat people. , stretched out my claws and gestured at the monster's face, well, squinted my eyes for a long time, "Okay, this guy was really killed by this thing, there are still traces of my claws that can still be seen in his eye socket, that is, his eyeball was blown out and his soul was destroyed."

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    Sure enough, is there still a world like that outside of Jin Yuan? Isn't Kim Nguyen just the simplest thing? So how far have we come with this? rubbing both sides of his forehead, there was a bit of pain there, he was very tired, "I think all the way from the ground to Van Co Tri, then fall into Van Co Tri Dimension, from dimension to biome things, from the community running around, finally arriving at the district with a few pounds of revenue, now you suddenly tell me, it's okay for the outside district to have a source of gold, but there is also this kind of a higher existence? So first Why is it that I live in the star region so insignificantly? Then let others live?"

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    "So I don't know what kind of rib it is, so I don't want it, or bury it. Later, after I really know about this rib, I will plan. That is, if it's so precious." , then come back to get it, otherwise I'll throw it away... But I can only carry a gun and a bow and arrow, and I can only carry one thing on my back."

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    Wang Han is not an indecisive person, his heart is crueler than steel, the decision he was forced to make when he had no other choice was quite resolute, Daier wanted to change easily, but she afraid it will be difficult. Otherwise, that year he would not have been able to come out of the Void Beast Breeding Tunnel and directly command a-3. Dying in the Void Beast Breeding Tunnel after being destroyed and reincarnated, 3 was the pain. best. The time it took to become a giant sea star. There's nothing more spirit-destroying than following other starfish and watching them destroy biomes. The key is that after they eat the community, Mr. Wang Han prepares to eat them, the mantis catches the cicadas, Hoang Tuyen is behind, natural selection. If a person has the world in his heart and saves the community, he will not choose to side with the star sea giant beast, nor will he choose to quietly look up at the starry sky and see everyone screaming. , scream, cover your mouth and cry. . But as a result, he will be eaten by other star sea monsters as easily as anyone else.

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